Olamide George led AFN set to appeal Gusau’s high court favourable verdict

By in BR on July 3, 2020
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Acting President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria Hon. Olamide George has stated that the AFN board under his leadership will appeal the ruling of the Abuja High court that delivered judgement on Tuesday in favour of erstwhile President Hon. Ibrahim Gusau. 

George speaking in a chat with said the verdict of the High court is just declarative and not one that can be enforced for now but that the AFN will, however, leave no stone unturned to ensure they appeal.
He added that Gusau’s impeachment was due to criminal allegations and abuse of office and was subsequently impeached by the board after his refusal to honour the committee’s invitation set up to investigate his excesses.
“It’s a declarative judgment which is not enforceable and at the same time, we don’t have to leave any stone unturned. We will appeal it and with the stay of execution, of course, the status quo still remains but nevertheless the ministry are also doing their best and the board members.
There are lot of criminal allegations against Gusau and these are reasons why the board members said he must leave and you will recall that we set up a committee to investigate all these matters he refused to show up only for the court to procure a judgement and of course we will not relent.”

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