Nigeria’s WAFU outing shows more work needs to be done – Esin

By in BR on January 20, 2021
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Former national team player and member of the Nigeria Football Federation Technical study group Etim Esin has stated that Nigeria’s outings at the WAFU age competition for both the U20 and the U17 national team has shown that more work needs to be done with regards to age grade national teams so as to ensure that Nigeria isn’t lagging behind.

Esin speaking in a chat with aftermath of the just concluded WAFU U17 tournament x-rayed Nigeria’s outings at both tournaments and stressed the need to ensure that the he Federation build on the team on ground and even better to catch up with the emerging talents of neighbouring regional rivals after a not too convincing outing in both competitions.

“Other countries are not slacking, they are developing their grassroots, and in the process developing their future so that transition can go on now. If you look at our transition from U17 to U20 and even to the Super Eagles, it’s very rare. As soon as they finish winning junior world cup, you won’t even know where the players are again. But I think we can build on this team.”

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