Draw No Bet System Explained

Draw No Bet System Explained
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(Last Updated On: August 6, 2022)

A draw no bet can seem tricky, but it is really simple! This bet allows punters to wager on just two outcomes, a home or an away win — and get your stake refunded in case of a draw.
When punters want to reduce their risks when wagering on games, they use the dnb soccer tips and other strategies. Just like the name implies, a draw no bet is a betting market that eliminates the draw outcome prediction in a game. This means punters can not make the draw selectdraw no betion while making their pick, they can only back either of the two teams to win the match.
As a bettor, one of the strategies for long-term winnings is to reduce your risk. With the draw no bet strategy, you can potentially reduce your risk since you now have a 50 percent chance of winning as opposed to the normal bet where you have a one-third chance of success.
Let’s take a look at a practical example.
If Arsenal and Fulham have a scheduled fixture, practically, a majority of people will choose Arsenal as their favorites. If you bet on Arsenal to win the game and they do, you win your bet.  However, also keep in mind that Fulham could upset Arsenal and if Fulham wins as opposed to your prediction, you lose the bet. Since it is a draw no bet, a draw is erased from the available predictions, hence, if the game ends in a draw, your stake is refunded.
This article covers the draw no bet strategy and points to consider when making DNB predictions. Let’s get to it, or you can check out actual draw no bet predictions and tips now!
Points to consider when doing Draw no bet strategy
It is important to have a betting strategy for any kind of bets you want to wager on. While this does not guarantee you winning your bets, it increases the likelihood of your success in the long run.
Here are some points to keep in mind when you want to wager on draw no bet picks.
Don’t bet blindly, research
Always research whatever league and teams you want to bet on. Knowing the way they play, trends, stats and other information about whatever bet you want to pick serves as pointers for you.
Analyze how the league works, how the teams play, the present form, availability of players, upcoming fixtures, and others. Having solid information enables you to make better decisions when betting.
Use a reputable bookmaker
Also, I advise using a reputable bookmaker to avoid your bets being manipulated. You do not want to be caught in an event where the organizer manipulates the bet which results in you losing your stake wrongfully.
Advantages and disadvantages of Draw no bet system
The major advantage of the draw no bet is that it helps punters reduce their risk when betting. This is because the potential of a draw is eliminated and if the game eventually ends up in a draw, you do not lose any money.
The major disadvantage of the draw no bet system is that the odds are lower. Since a draw no bet has fewer choices than a normal bet and offers lower odds, you will have to wager more to win big.
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Top questions regarding Draw no bet betting system
How do I get a refund on a draw no bet wager?
If the match ends in a draw, you will be issued a refund of your wager by your bookmaker.
Is overtime included in a draw no bet?
No, the draw no bet period only accommodates the regular time in a football match. Once the referee blows the final whistle at the end of the regular time, the bet ends.
Does draw no bet offer better odds than the normal bets?
While draw no bet offers punters less risk, it does not offer better odds compared to regular bets. If you have confidence in your DND prediction, you may want to go with normal bets instead. However, if you are skeptical about your pick but still want to risk it, a draw no bet is a better option.
Can I play draw no bet as an accumulator bet?
Yes, you can and it is indeed a good strategy when you’re confident in your predictions. You may pick multiple DNB games and combine them to enjoy higher odds than just one pick.
What are the sports that involve Draw no bet wagers?
Since there are limited sports that end in a draw, the draw no bet is limited to sports that can easily end in a draw. While most of the draw no bet can be found in sports like hockey, chess, and boxing, the draw no bet wager is most applicable to cricket and football.
This is because football and cricket are set up in such a way that draws can easily happen, hence the seamless flow. High-scoring sports like basketball aren’t brilliant to wager on when it comes to the draw no bet system.
Where to find the best odds for Draw no bet wagers?
Most of the top bookmakers offer draw no bet wagers. You can visit the betting sites available to you to compare the odds that they offer. When you do this, you are able to settle for the most suitable bookmaker.
How to minimize risks when using the Draw no bet system?
Learning how to minimize risks when betting is an important aspect every punter should learn. Some of the ways to mitigate your risks when using DNB are:

Placing bets close to kick-off. This helps you avoid unforeseen circumstances like injuries to players just before the match commences.
Analyzing the statistics and form of teams before the football game.
Avoiding competitions and sports that do not regularly offer DNB. It is advisable to only bet on reputable sports and leagues.
Keeping tabs on team news so as to get first-hand information about player availability and more.
While you may be tempted to make your losses back at a go, resist the urge.
Always withdraw your winnings and only wager what you can afford to lose.

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