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 Marc Wilson – Bi Ba Be Le

Marc Wilson – Bi Ba Be Le


Marc Wilson, a multi-talented German music prodigy and media icon who was born in Nigeria, makes his musical debut with the intriguing song “Bi Ba Be Le.”

Having been born in Nigeria and now proudly living in Germany, Marc Wilson rose to prominence in the dance music industry in the 1990s. Known for his energetic performances, he captivated audiences with charming acts and the addition of strong people to the stage. His creative strategy was well received; Bravo Magazine gave one of his Maxi CDs a 5-star rating.

Marc Wilson, who left the colorful dance scene of the 1990s behind, is about to release a brand-new musical project that is strongly influenced by his African heritage. Focusing on the Zulu language and feeling deeply rooted in his roots, he skillfully combines South African vocal hooks, real ethnic sounds, and pop and dance styles.

With the help of longtime buddy DJ Rufus, who infuses “Bi Ba Be Le” with dynamic energy, Marc Wilson’s most recent endeavor demonstrates his unwavering love of music and dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. A distinctive fusion of genres that captures the rich tapestry of Marc Wilson’s musical journey is in store for you.