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 Zeze Kingston – Alamu Anu Ft. Nyasapiano

Zeze Kingston – Alamu Anu Ft. Nyasapiano


With “Alamu Anu,” the first release of Zeze Kingston and Temwah’s certified, groundbreaking songs for 2023, NyasaPiano and Zeze relieve tension on the radio and in the music industry after the triumphant release of Mvetsela.

Zeze MP3’s latest Amapiano song, Alamu Anu, is a fantastic piece of Malawian music that is obviously intended for rock enthusiasts both domestically and overseas.

It is very captivating to listen to Zeze’s voice because of the inventiveness and genuine individuality that he has added to it. His portrayal in Alamu Anu is once more a thrilling soundtrack that is sure to spark conversation.