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 Sinach – Victory Is My Name ft. Isreal Houghton

Sinach – Victory Is My Name ft. Isreal Houghton


With the release of a new single titled “Victory Is My Name,” which features Grammy Award-winning musician Israel Houghton, Sinach, the well-known gospel singer and songwriter of the hit song “Way Maker,” is back. Pre-orders for the song are now open, and its stirring message of faith and victory is sure to uplift fans.

A powerful statement of triumph in the face of hardship, “Victory Is My Name” echoes the message of Romans 8:37, which reads, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Sinach’s expressive voice and Houghton’s heartfelt performance combine to produce a mesmerizing musical experience that will inspire and uplift listeners.